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Created to provide exposure and breadth to early-in-career product managers, “The League” is a community of superheroes armed with fresh ideas who are being cultivated to take the helm. From intern to full-timer, each of you has the power to build, run, and choose your career path from start to finish. With roles in Networking and Security to Business Strategy & Operations and Cloud, the sky is the limit.

The Power is in Your Hands

We encourage superheroes in “The League” to be risk-takers, rule-breakers, and game-changers while building their technical expertise throughout their time in the program, empowering them to grow their super powers from ordinary to extraordinary.

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Navigating through our hiring process can be a smooth journey. Our 5-step process is a little diffeerent between Interns and Full-timers.

Interns Full-timers

"Over my 3-month internship, I designed a competitive strategy that was very instrumental for Cisco to gain significant market share in the SMB space. Everyone on the team was superb; they embraced my different way of thinking and different implementation styles, and supported my desires to run this project like a startup in a large company. My summer was amazing, I am excited to join the company full time and continue my personal transformation at Cisco."

Omar Chehab (Candidate for MBA)
Duke University | The Fuqua School of Business

"The Job Rotation provides a head start to new recruits such as myself, providing us with cross-domain experiences at the very start of our new careers.  MBAs typically crave the ability to learn new skills and continuously improve, and that’s what this program is designed to provide. The length of each rotation is long enough to make an impact, while minimizing the risk of diminishing returns on our learning efforts."

Rajat Gulati (2nd Year Full-Timer)
Haas School of Business

"I was attracted to Cisco because of the broad spectrum of experiences the MBA Job Rotation Program promises. Within the first month of joining, I am already trusted with full PM responsibilities, being challenged every day, but rewarded with an incredible amount of learning from the best people.."

Valerie Li (1st Year Full-Timer)
Haas School of Business